tirsdag den 18. november 2008

Debian on NSLU2 - part 4

Cheers mates, this time you will be reading about a MySQL server setup. And don't you just loove when its easy and simple? :)
There are properly a lot of ways to approach this setup.. but I have success with this one configuration:

(be sure to complete part 3 before moving on)

#apt-get install mysql-server
#apt-get install phpmyadmin

This is very important: When the phpmyadmin installer ask you to preconfigure a specific web-server. You pick the lighthttp server of course :)

After install you make a quick reboot:
#shutdown -r now

And thats about it! It will do all the hard work for you and baddabing, you have a nice web server with PHP5 and MySQL with phpmyadmin.

(Remember to configure the password. Right now you can log into phpmyadmin by only typing "root" into the user field = not secure!!. On way to do that is by pressing on "Privileges" once you are logged in as root in phpmyadmin)

Afterwards try eg. to install kplaylist and torrentflux. Please let me know if you succeed ;)

Have fun!

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Anonym sagde ...

when you install
apt-get install mysql-server
do you also install the dependencies because otherwise in my case it denied to mysql without the dependencies. It would be better if you summerize what u did
Thanks in advance

Viktor K. sagde ...


And thanks for you comment!

I dont remember the installer asking me if I want to install the dependencies, but if it does, just say yes!

Whats important is, when installing phpmyadmin you have to tell the installer that you are using lighthttp.

Best regards,

Anonym sagde ...

Interesting part is it did not ask me for that :) I am going to reinstall again on monday then I will leave a comment what happened. I also will install mt-daapd and can send you the steps ,maybe you will want to add that guide to the site...

vikezz sagde ...

Well first time I installed the phpmyadmin package, I pressed the space button by a mistake without picking the httplight webserver option.

Then I uninstalled and installed the package again, but this time around, it didn't ask about what webserver I was using, leaving me to manually set the settings correctly. I decided to just reformat the slug and start allover.

After picking the right webserver option, it worked right away!

But! The mysql server is quite resource demanding!! almost to much for the little slug.. imo.. I don't know if the slug can handle that, AND a mt-daapd server...

But it certainly would be awesome if you providede a HOWto guide to this blog!! :)

(btw, using unslung with cherokee and mysql is a better option imo.. runs faster!!! but then u have the damn spindown issue.. grr... )

Anonym sagde ...

I really look forward to see your rtorrent guide. I can install and use rtorrent but it is not very efficient to use without web frontent. A guide with rtorrent, xmlrpc and any webgui would be relly appreciated...