fredag den 19. september 2008

Debian on NSLU2 - part 2

The biggest reason why I moved to Debian was the obvious Spindown issue with Unslung. This article will show you how the Debian distro has solved the problem.
First power up your terminal and log ind via. ssh. Ready for your first Debian command? To get new software installed you use: apt-get install package-name. We need a program to control the hard-disk. Its called sg3-utils.

type in: apt-get install sg3-utils

After the installation lets try to stop the harddisk from spinning around! Type in:
/usr/bin/sg_start --stop /dev/sda
And wollá .. congratz! :) your first spindown. Hopefully I'll soon provide a script which trigger this command if there is no harddisk activity after x amount of time. If you happen to know Of such, please send an e-mail or write an comment, thanks! :) You could use cron.. but if you are using the server it will spindown the harddisk no matter what = annoying

next we will be looking at rTorrent and the gui

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vikezz sagde ...

on the spindown issue try check out!!

I've just bought a USB-stick(2gb) an my plan is to have it be the system flash disk and then having the big 500 gb extern as just the file place.. more about it later :)

Nelson Neves sagde ...

I've tried this on my slug and worked very well! I had tried other solutions with my previous harddrives but no luck!

Please check my slug debian page:

Viktor K. sagde ...

Hey, great blog!! I've just updated my link list with a link to your site! keep up the good work :)

Anonym sagde ...

maybe this is something :

Anonym sagde ...

I can connect my webpage locally but from outside it gives timeout error. I know that no port forwarding error fro router because I installed it through that connection. There must be a mistake. I can not connect to webpage, ssh ... it looks like a firewall preventing my connections. Do you have any idea about this

vikezz sagde ...

well.. it does sound like a router problem.. try leave your router from ur setup and connect ur modem to ur slug directly.. if u can connect now, u need to look in ur router manual for proper setup :)

vikezz sagde ...

Looks really interesting with the spindown app providede here :

thanks for the link champ